Would you like an energetic and insightful speaker with a unique story? Someone who has personally experienced High Functioning Autism? The answer is Ethan Hirschberg.

Described as “life-changing,” “tear jerking,” and “extraordinarily moving,” Ethan’s presentations are visionary and captivate audiences of all types and sizes. His unique blend of personal experience and expertise bring the utmost value to any organization that he speaks for. His informative and heartfelt programs are filled with inspiring stories of overcoming adversity and the power of inclusivity and acceptance. Ethan has been told many times that his speeches are worthy investments as the information attendees’ walk away with is priceless. Ethan’s goal as a speaker and advocate is to paint an insightful picture of the life of someone with Autism with all of the triumphs, challenges, and moments in order to increase acceptance and inclusivity in familial, educational, medical, corporate, public, non-profit, and communal settings. His authenticity and passion allows him to connect with his audiences, which he feels is an honor to be able to do. If you are looking for an unforgettable, worthwhile, and talented speaker, look no further… Ethan Hirschberg is your answer.

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