Would you like an energetic and insightful speaker with a unique story? Someone who has personally experienced High Functioning Autism? The answer is Ethan Hirschberg.

Described as “life-changing,” “tear jerking,” and “extraordinarily moving,” Ethan’s presentations are visionary and captivate audiences of all types and sizes. His unique blend of personal experience and expertise bring the utmost value to any organization that he speaks for. His informative and heartfelt programs are filled with inspiring stories of overcoming adversity and the power of inclusivity and acceptance. Ethan has been told many times that his speeches are worthy investments as the information attendees’ walk away with is priceless. Ethan’s goal as a speaker and advocate is to paint an insightful picture of the life of someone with Autism with all of the triumphs, challenges, and moments in order to increase acceptance and inclusivity in familial, educational, medical, corporate, public, non-profit, and communal settings. His authenticity and passion allows him to connect with his audiences, which he feels is an honor to be able to do. If you are looking for an unforgettable, worthwhile, and talented speaker, look no further… Ethan Hirschberg is your answer.



"Thank you Ethan for speaking to our NFAR Mom's group! The moms were so impressed with your maturity and ability to share your 'journey through Autism' with such depth and humor. Your insights as a person on the spectrum were particularly valuable to the moms in better understanding how to support their loved ones. It was a very special evening. Thank you for all you are doing to better the lives of others with Autism! We look forward to having you speak again." - Ms. Sharon Leon (Executive Director at National Foundation for Autism Research) "Ethan came to speak to our entire staff about his journey through Autism as a preschooler and beyond. The only word to describe the presentation is phenomenal. Our staff was so inspired by his words and so moved by his experiences that he shared with us. His words will have a long lasting impact on the way we provide therapy and treatment to the students we serve. We were honored to have him speak to us and look forward to having him again." - Dr. Erin Dyer Zwahlen, PhD, BCBA-D (Founder / Executive Director at ABA Educational Foundation) "I just wanted to let you know that you were amazing. You did a fantastic job. You looked comfortable speaking, and you were really easy to listen to. I have pretty bad ADHD, and by the end of the day, my attention/patience is spent. You managed to lock in my full attention tonight. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck!" - Mr. Ty Seevers (Behavioral Interventionist at ABA Educational Foundation)


“Ethan is a remarkable speaker with a powerful message. His message of inclusion is exactly what we need to hear, and there is nothing more impactful for a teen than to hear this message from another teen. I highly recommend him as a "must see" speaker on disability awareness. Ethan is real, honest, and relatable. Thank you for sharing your story with our students.” - Dr. Benjamin Churchill (Superintendent at Carlsbad Unified School District) "Ethan Hirschberg came to our school during Ability Awareness Week and spoke to our 3rd-6th graders. Ethan did a fantastic job at reinforcing what we wanted our students to come away understanding. Ethan shared first-hand experiences with students how important it is to be kind, inclusive, and accepting of others. Ethan's message was an important and powerful one!" - Mr. Jerry Jones (Principal at Solana Ranch Elementary School) "Ethan dedicated an entire day to guest speaking in all of my Advanced Placement Psychology classes... and we can't thank him enough! He took information that we discussed in the class and provided an incredibly informative, detailed, and personal account of living with Autism. It is amazing to see how polished he is as a speaker and I look forward to following his accomplishments as Ethan continues his journey through Autism." - Mr. James Hrzina (Psychology Teacher at San Dieguito High School Academy) "Ethan did an amazing job of sharing his experience with Autism. He does a great job of helping people see he is just another student with a unique quality! He is very warm and engaging as a speaker." - Ms. Ann Nebolon (Director at Peer Assistant Listeners Group)​


"You are an extremely productive and professional human. I really hope I learn how to be consistently inspiring and hard working as you. Thank you for motivating my friends and I to pursue our interests!" - Anonymous High School Student "Thank you for encouraging me to be a better person. I feel that I will be more brave in the future towards people that are 'different' than I am. I will be kind to 'unique' people like you." - Anonymous Elementary School Student "Thank you so much for coming over and teaching us more about Autism. Also thank you for showing other people that bullying is not okay, and showing that we should not be a bystander and avoid standing up to them." - Anonymous Elementary School Student "Hey Ethan, I really appreciated you taking the time to talk to our class the other day. You really opened my eyes to the capabilities someone can have with your condition." - Anonymous High School Student

Senator Dianne Feinstein

“I appreciate learning of your efforts to raise awareness about Autism. I am proud to commend you on your efforts to better the lives of others. Your passion and dedication to the Autism community are truly inspirational.” - Senator Dianne Feinstein (US Senior Senator of California, Ranking Member)

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