An Updated Month Of My Life

Hey everyone! I know, it’s been a month since I last posted. I am sorry for the lack of content, I have been extremely busy! Next Sunday, I am going to have a content piece, however, I just wanted to update you on everything that has been going on. As I told you in a previous post, I have been honored to receive the 2019 Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award, which is given to teens who are labeled as “change makers” and practice the philosophy of “tikkun olam,” meaning “to repair the world.” This weekend from August 15 to August 19, I am on the official Diller retreat. Today is my second to last day.

I feel so honored to be a part of this elite group of young change makers. I have made so many awesome connections over this past weekend and I look forward to keeping in touch with these spectacular individuals in the very near future.

Thank you to all who have helped me within the past few months to make this weekend a reality. Thank you to my parents for all of their support and to Mark Herrera for his graphic design assistance. I also want to shoutout Erica Aren, Adam Weisman, and Lia Woertendyke from the Helen Diller Family Foundation for their support and coordination for this weekend.

I will keep you all updated on what is to come!

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