A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Ethan:

I am writing this letter to you as I sit at my desk, typing away at my computer. Whether you realize it or not, there is so much in this world that you do not understand… and that’s okay. Please take my advice and be the best person you can be. You will be able to create your own special journey which is unique to you. We’re sometimes stubborn and do not like taking advice, but at least try.

Do not fight with your little brother.

Fighting never leads to anything good. There is no point in picking a fight. Your relationship with your brother will suffer immensely if you continue to act the way you do. Know when to walk away and pick your battles. Be the bigger person and do what’s right in the moment.

In fourth grade, your special education teacher will have you practice reading and writing more than the other kids.

Embrace it. You will be upset that you are not performing as well as other students your age. Do not refuse it. Accept what you will learn as it will end up helping you become a successful author, blogger, motivational speaker, and consultant.

Never lose hope on finding people who matter to you.

Soon enough, you will be able to meet a couple of amazing individuals who you will love unconditionally. Your speech therapist is right… in time, you will start to find your place. At this time, you will be happier than ever.

Later in life there will be a period of months that test everything you have ever learned. You will be upset, scared, and depressed.

Know that it’s okay to ask for help. Go to the ones who care about you the most and the ones who you feel most comfortable with. Your mental strength will be pushed to the limits. Just be prepared.

The last piece of advice I would give you is to be kind and smile. Cherish the ones who make you happy. Optimism is the way to live your life. You’ve got this.


Older Ethan

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