New Life Changing Resource For Teens With Autism

Attention: Please read all of the way through, as this can be a life changer for a teenager with Autism that you know! There is a link at the end of the article to this amazing resource that I am about to share with you!

About a month ago, I received an email from someone named Parker. Parker happens to have siblings who are on the Autism spectrum. I started reading his email and was automatically filled with excitement. I knew that something amazing was about to come.

Parker is the founder and chief executive officer of PowerupTeens, an online company that provides courses which help neurodiverse students connect with their peers, get support, and learn life skills to make their teenage years and beyond more successful. PowerupTeens' main goal is to improve the overall relationships between students of all abilities. They provide courses that address different social difficulties that teenagers on the Autism spectrum have. With the interactive instructional videos that are provided, teens are able to acquire the knowledge and confidence necessary to experience social success.

I enrolled in the first course at PowerupTeens and was absolutely amazed. This is the only online course that I have ever taken where I was not only wanting to learn more, but where the material actually helped me. I was able to take away a few different tips that I am going to use in my future social situations. Both of my parents watched the videos and said that they absolutely loved the curriculum for the course and cannot wait to see the future ones. Also, my parents and I made a short list of the benefits of PowerupTeens:

1. The curriculum is presented both auditorily and visually so that different types of learners can learn in their own preferred way.

2. All of the material is available in three different versions: desktop, mobile, and printables. This is great because the videos can not only be viewed in different ways, but can also be taught to hands-on learners or small groups via the printable sheets.

3. The lessons were in short, easy to understand video series which were then summarized at the end, which ties all of the material back together.

At this time, since PowerupTeens is a startup company, only one video course has been published. This course is titled “Digital Communication Skills For Today’s Teenagers,” which covers the start to finish process of digital communication that so many teens with Autism have trouble with. Upcoming courses to be published include "Dating and Relationships for Teenagers on the Spectrum," "Modern Social Skills for Middle and High Schoolers," "Appearance and Making Good First Impressions," and "Stress and Emotional Management for Teenagers."

Because I honestly and wholeheartedly believe in their mission statement and the effectiveness of their product, I have chosen to partner up with PowerupTeens! I truly think that something spectacular will come out of this and cannot wait for their future courses. Please click the image below to preview and access the course. For National Autism Awareness Month, there is a 40% discount if you enter ASD-40 .

PowerupTeens has created a product that I think will truly help the population of tweens, teens, and young adults on the Autism spectrum. If you can think of anybody at all that could benefit, please share this blog post with them so that they can get access to this amazing resource. If you do this, please make sure that they click the specific image above so that PowerupTeens can see how many viewers they have received from this post. Thank you all again for your continued love, support, and viewership!

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