How My Parents Told Me That I Had Autism

June 12, 2017

I am pleased to announce that this past Thursday, I became a contributing writer at I Care 4 Autism. I Care 4 Autism is a leading global non profit organization based out of New York dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults who live with Autism. Founded by Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Ph.D., MBA in 2004, I Care 4 Autism has established itself as the start of collaborations to discover Autism, search for causes, and work for better treatment and detection.


This past Thursday, my first article was published on their site. This article is about how my parents told me that I had Autism. I share my personal story along with how I felt. I also give my opinion on the controversy of whether parents should tell their kids that they have Autism. Please CLICK HERE to read the full blog. This article acts as this week’s blog.


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